Venetian Mask

What do you think of when you hear Venice?

Water? Italy? Artists? Well, when I think of Venice, I think of masks. Yes. Masks in all different sizes, colors, and designs. There are masks that just cover your eyes and masks that extends out from you head! Today, I would like to show you the world of Venetian Mask.

First of all, Venetian Mask are traditionally handmade by mask makers in Venice. During 1200s, these masks were purely used to “hide” one’s identity. Rich nobles would wear the masks and go gambling, which was highly restricted. Also, prostitutes would wear the masks as well as the aristocrats who meet them. They didn’t want any bad rumors to go around their town and to stay anonymous.

Another reason why people in Venice wore masks so much is that since Venice was a crowded city, privacy and seclusion was not very possible. Therefore, the mask became the getaway from the lives of the people. Not all the reasons for wearing the mask was evil. Some people just purely enjoyed hiding their identity, while going out in the public to enjoy their “other” life. The people who used the masks in corrupted ways were the greedy people.

Now days, Venetian masks serve almost as a mascot of Venice. Venetian people, and people from around the world come to Venice to see their beautiful and sophisticated mask carnivals and enjoys taking part of this celebration. Unlike the past, Venetian masks are more easily approachable to any people, since they are now very well known for their beauty. I hope to visit Venice one day to experience the phenomenal event myself and maybe make one of my own Venetian mask!

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Modern Design Poster

Posters are everywhere. Starting from a school poster, promoting up coming Book Fair, to a poster in an Art Museum, made by famous artist, we can easily spot them in our lives. The type of posters that I was particularly interested in were modern design posters. These posters are simple, yet leave strong images on the viewers. After looking at several posters, I decided to make one by myself. However, I didn’t know how I should design my poster. I was brainstorming ideas while watching a TV. Then, I saw TeenTop, a Korean boy band group, on the TV show. I have listened to their song and watched their music video before. While I was watching the show, one of the member grabbed my attention. Niel, a boy with silver hair with a little bit of wine colored streaks, thick lips, and black eyeliner, was singing. Suddenly, I thought of a great idea for my poster! Yes! I wanted to make a poster of Niel.

After deciding my idea, I had to design and think about how I can represent Niel on to a dull poster board. I went to a near stationary store and looked at all the different colored papers. I chose the color for his hair, eyes, and lips. I thought Niel’s trademark were those three, so I picked the colors that would be appropriate for him.  So, here it is, how I made Niel poster! 🙂


What you need:

-colored papers

-poster board




1. Cut out the base of the hair

2. Add streaks with a different colored paper to make the hair texture

3. Cut out the eyes using a different colored paper. (I used silver, because my poster board was already black)

4. Cut out the shape of the lips. Since I used light purple for the lips, I used dark purple for the lips lines.

5. Use a bright colored paper for the highlights.

6. Arrange the eye, lips, and hair on to the poster board, and glue them on.

I cut out ‘Niel’ with a light green paper and glued it to the bottom of the poster to make it look more complete!

Now you are DONE!

Thanks for reading!

These are some pictures of modern design posters. Simplicity is the key point!

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All photos of posters from Creative Commons

Making Your Own Doll!!

Hi! Today, I would like to show how to make your one-of-a-kind doll!!

I chose to make my doll look like Lady GaGa because her clothes and funky hair styles are always inspirational. : )

Even though I chose a celebrity to be a model for my doll, there are other many great ways to design your doll, so think creatively!

What you Need:

-glue gun

-felt paper



-beads (for decoration)

-marker/pencil (for outline)

-cloth (for clothes)

Start! ————>

I got the base of my doll from Jung, my friend who is in the Key Club. He made the base of the doll for the club and designed it, but I bought the doll from him about $10 (the money goes to charity) and I reformed it.

First, I made the hair with the yarn. I used yellow since Lady GaGa’s ribbon hair was yellow. In order to make the hair look more realistic, it is important to glue gun the surface of the head with one yarn strand. When you are done with the first layer, add the second, and so on. I added extra hair strands on the side of my doll’s head, because I wanted to make her hair more round. After gluing all the hair, I used scissor to trim her hair, so all the lengths are equal.

Next, I made the black mini dress. Luckily, I found a black cloth in my house. But her dress didn’t look so pretty, so I added sparkly beads on her dress. As you can see,  I used beads that are all in different sizes in order to give more variety.

Next, I made the shoe with a red felt paper. It was hard for me to make them since the doll’s feet were round. I managed to make them by cutting out the design of the shoe and stitching them together with a red string. It is important to make the shoes little bit bigger than the doll’s feet! I made the stocking with a black yarn. I wrapped the yarn around the doll’s legs and glue gunned it under the doll’s dress, so it won’t be visible.

I also made the sunglasses and the mouth with black and red felt paper. I cut out the lips and the base of the sunglasses. I decorated the sunglasses with the beads, which I also used for the dress.

I glue gunned the sunglasses and the lips.

Lastly, I added the most important trademark for Lady GaGa! Her pretty ribbon hair! I wrapped the yellow thread many time and glue gunned the end to make a shape of a ribbon. I stick the ribbon to the top of her head, and Lady GaGa is done!! : )

There are so many ways to decorate and design your doll!

Be creative and you can always add more cool decorations to make your doll look more professional!

Thanks for reading!

World of Graffiti

I bet at least once in your life, you have seen many scribbly, yet colorful words or pictures on the walls of the street. Those drawing (or writings) are called  Graffiti. Today, I would like to explain little bit about world of Graffiti. 🙂

Did you know that Graffiti existed during the ancient time of Rome or even before longer? That’s right. When the Romans conquered a region, they would write on the buildings of the places they took over. Cavemen also drew graffiti inside their cave walls. They drew pictures and illustrations that represented their everyday life, such as hunting. So, what does Graffiti exactly mean? According to, Graffiti means markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom. According to this definition, even the drawings that 6 or 7 years old doodle on the sidewalk can be a form of Graffiti!

The first Graffiti boom occurred in New York, which is one of the most crowded city in US. It was easy for Graffiti artists to do their work in New York, because it had busy streets with lots of old, plain walls and there were many places where the artists could draw graffitis without getting into troubles. From New York, graffiti spread out to other states. However, the first graffitis didn’t start out with colorful and vibrant pictures or words. They were just simple as writing one’s name on the wall or gangs marking their territories. Soon, many young artists viewed graffiti as a form of art and used it to express themselves. Lee Quinones, one of the famous graffiti artists, changed the dull Brooklyn bridge into a colorful art gallery.

Graffiti, which started in subways and streets, quickly became a competition for artists. They had to find a space for their graffiti and usually, this lead to a quarrel   between the property owner and the artist. There are many people to this day, view graffiti as an act of gang activity or disruptive for the community. However, there are increasing number of graffiti artists these days and they try to convince the people that graffiti is another form of art by decorating the community or making a dull place into an more vibrant environment.

Here is a video of  Japanese Graffiti artists drawing many different pictures. Enjoy!

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All photos from Creative Commons Flickr

Painting with Light

It was not until second semester that I got introduced to paint with light. For second semester, I took digital photography for my second elective. We learned about different photography terms and techniques. Towards the end of the year, we incorporated art in digital photography. This was painting with light. Our teacher told us how to make the shuttle slower and capture the light while we drew pictures. This could not be one with only couple of people. Also, we faced many difficulties. First of all, we couldn’t control the brightness of the background. This made us hard for the light to stand out from the background. Secondly, we had trouble trying to focus on the light. We had to make sure that everything was in focus before we start drawing. Last but not least, we had to draw or write letters backwards since the camera reflects the image backwards. We had to continue drawing without stopping, since we couldn’t know where to start from if we stop drawing. However, with all of these difficulties, I managed to take photos of lights.

I have also posted a video that my teacher showed us. The videos are done by Japanese photographers and painting with the light is the new hot topic in Japan these days. Because of painting with light, many companies are making colorful and funky lights.

These are also videos done by other people. The work they have done are truly amazing.

Art of advertisement

When I went to a book store,  I came across a book with an interesting cover page.

As soon as I saw the book, I got interested in what the book was about. The title says, “Advertising Genius Lee Jae Suk”

The picture of a half of gun and the smoke amazingly matches together and creates a gun with a smoke coming out. As I skimmed the book, I saw many interesting advertisements that the artists created with everyday objects and buildings. I wanted to read the book more in depth, so I purchased the book. After finish reading it, I began to get interested in creative advertisements. I would like to show the interesting advertisements that I have found.

This advertisement of Ziploc shows how fresh it can keep the foods. While the other parts of the flower withered, the pulp remains fresh.

This advertisement of Windex shows how clean it can wipe the windows. It is interesting to see how some part of the glass makes the objects blurry, while the parts they wiped are clear.

This advertisement on the street shows how secure their glasses are. They put money in the glass to emphasize that no one can break the glass to take away the money.

This watch advertisement lets the bus passengers to try their watch every time they ride the bus.

This one shows that their pasta is the most delicious pasta. Whenever the rope comes down, it creates an image with a person eating a pasta.

This is one of my favorite advertisement. Done by IKEA, this shows how the store has every furniture that fits perfectly in your house. The furnitures represent Tetris, where everything needs to fit perfectly in order to win the game.

Usually the advertisements are used to advertise the companies’ products, but it does not always need to be a product. Sometimes, these creative advertisements can be used to deliver a message to the people effectively.

This photo of a staircase with a Mt. Everest delivers an important message. It shows how in some places, there are still not enough handicap facilities provided for the handicaps. The advertisement shows how without these facilities, the stairs are like climbing up Mt. Everest to the handicaps.

These two advertisements are about global warming and how we should be aware of it. The advertisement on the left, done by WWF, shows a melting globe, representing heating Earth. The advertisement on the right is a globe candle. It melts every time you use it. By watching the globe melt every time when you light a fire draws more attention of global warming.

This advertisement discourages people from smoking. As you can see, the candles are made out of cigarettes and as people smoke more, the number of candle decreases. “The more you smoke, the less you celebrate” is their idea.

This is also one of my favorite advertisement. This discourages from people going to war. “What goes around comes around” When you put this poster around a poll, as you can see, the gun and the tank comes around to shoot at the same thing.

I think the creative advertisements are the best source to communicate with the people. Especially during these time where people are busy dealing with their own problems, these humorous, but clear advertisements grabs people’s attentions easily. The weird, yet creative images linger in one’s head and people get to think about them. The images remain in the head, since they are very unusual. It is easy to deliver a message and they clearly get the point across. I believe that these kind of creative advertisements will be most effect as people become more occupied with their own work.

Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier is a current book that I’m reading for my world literature book. I’m not that far into the book, but I like it so far. It is a story about a girl named Griet, who is sent to a rich painter’s house to work and earn money for her family. There are several reasons why I chose this book. First of all, the cover page caught my eye while I was browsing through the books. It is a painting of a girl with a  big pearl earring. She looks very pretty and I wanted know more about her. Secondly, both my mom and my sister read the book. They have told me that the book was very fun and told me that it was a great story. I knew that the book was very famous and it was also made into a movie. Watching the movie made me more interested than reading the book, but I decided to read the book first and then watch the movie. I thought it would be fun to compare which one is better, but I know that most of the time, the original book is better. Last but not least, the plot intrigued me. When I read the synopsis, it said that this great artist named Vermeer, was inspired by a young woman to draw one of his most celebrated art works. I wondered, ‘Who is this girl that made him so inspired? was she pretty?’. Questions like this kept popping up in my head, so I picked up the book and checked it out from the library. As I continue reading this book, I’m very excited to find out why was Griet so inspirational to Vermeer and why he was attracted to her. I’m eager to fine out.

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