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Modern Design Poster

Posters are everywhere. Starting from a school poster, promoting up coming Book Fair, to a poster in an Art Museum, made by famous artist, we can easily spot them in our lives. The type of posters that I was particularly interested in were modern design posters. These posters are simple, yet leave strong images on the viewers. After looking at several posters, I decided to make one by myself. However, I didn’t know how I should design my poster. I was brainstorming ideas while watching a TV. Then, I saw TeenTop, a Korean boy band group, on the TV show. I have listened to their song and watched their music video before. While I was watching the show, one of the member grabbed my attention. Niel, a boy with silver hair with a little bit of wine colored streaks, thick lips, and black eyeliner, was singing. Suddenly, I thought of a great idea for my poster! Yes! I wanted to make a poster of Niel.

After deciding my idea, I had to design and think about how I can represent Niel on to a dull poster board. I went to a near stationary store and looked at all the different colored papers. I chose the color for his hair, eyes, and lips. I thought Niel’s trademark were those three, so I picked the colors that would be appropriate for him.  So, here it is, how I made Niel poster! 🙂


What you need:

-colored papers

-poster board




1. Cut out the base of the hair

2. Add streaks with a different colored paper to make the hair texture

3. Cut out the eyes using a different colored paper. (I used silver, because my poster board was already black)

4. Cut out the shape of the lips. Since I used light purple for the lips, I used dark purple for the lips lines.

5. Use a bright colored paper for the highlights.

6. Arrange the eye, lips, and hair on to the poster board, and glue them on.

I cut out ‘Niel’ with a light green paper and glued it to the bottom of the poster to make it look more complete!

Now you are DONE!

Thanks for reading!

These are some pictures of modern design posters. Simplicity is the key point!

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Art of advertisement

When I went to a book store,  I came across a book with an interesting cover page.

As soon as I saw the book, I got interested in what the book was about. The title says, “Advertising Genius Lee Jae Suk”

The picture of a half of gun and the smoke amazingly matches together and creates a gun with a smoke coming out. As I skimmed the book, I saw many interesting advertisements that the artists created with everyday objects and buildings. I wanted to read the book more in depth, so I purchased the book. After finish reading it, I began to get interested in creative advertisements. I would like to show the interesting advertisements that I have found.

This advertisement of Ziploc shows how fresh it can keep the foods. While the other parts of the flower withered, the pulp remains fresh.

This advertisement of Windex shows how clean it can wipe the windows. It is interesting to see how some part of the glass makes the objects blurry, while the parts they wiped are clear.

This advertisement on the street shows how secure their glasses are. They put money in the glass to emphasize that no one can break the glass to take away the money.

This watch advertisement lets the bus passengers to try their watch every time they ride the bus.

This one shows that their pasta is the most delicious pasta. Whenever the rope comes down, it creates an image with a person eating a pasta.

This is one of my favorite advertisement. Done by IKEA, this shows how the store has every furniture that fits perfectly in your house. The furnitures represent Tetris, where everything needs to fit perfectly in order to win the game.

Usually the advertisements are used to advertise the companies’ products, but it does not always need to be a product. Sometimes, these creative advertisements can be used to deliver a message to the people effectively.

This photo of a staircase with a Mt. Everest delivers an important message. It shows how in some places, there are still not enough handicap facilities provided for the handicaps. The advertisement shows how without these facilities, the stairs are like climbing up Mt. Everest to the handicaps.

These two advertisements are about global warming and how we should be aware of it. The advertisement on the left, done by WWF, shows a melting globe, representing heating Earth. The advertisement on the right is a globe candle. It melts every time you use it. By watching the globe melt every time when you light a fire draws more attention of global warming.

This advertisement discourages people from smoking. As you can see, the candles are made out of cigarettes and as people smoke more, the number of candle decreases. “The more you smoke, the less you celebrate” is their idea.

This is also one of my favorite advertisement. This discourages from people going to war. “What goes around comes around” When you put this poster around a poll, as you can see, the gun and the tank comes around to shoot at the same thing.

I think the creative advertisements are the best source to communicate with the people. Especially during these time where people are busy dealing with their own problems, these humorous, but clear advertisements grabs people’s attentions easily. The weird, yet creative images linger in one’s head and people get to think about them. The images remain in the head, since they are very unusual. It is easy to deliver a message and they clearly get the point across. I believe that these kind of creative advertisements will be most effect as people become more occupied with their own work.