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Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier is a current book that I’m reading for my world literature book. I’m not that far into the book, but I like it so far. It is a story about a girl named Griet, who is sent to a rich painter’s house to work and earn money for her family. There are several reasons why I chose this book. First of all, the cover page caught my eye while I was browsing through the books. It is a painting of a girl with a  big pearl earring. She looks very pretty and I wanted know more about her. Secondly, both my mom and my sister read the book. They have told me that the book was very fun and told me that it was a great story. I knew that the book was very famous and it was also made into a movie. Watching the movie made me more interested than reading the book, but I decided to read the book first and then watch the movie. I thought it would be fun to compare which one is better, but I know that most of the time, the original book is better. Last but not least, the plot intrigued me. When I read the synopsis, it said that this great artist named Vermeer, was inspired by a young woman to draw one of his most celebrated art works. I wondered, ‘Who is this girl that made him so inspired? was she pretty?’. Questions like this kept popping up in my head, so I picked up the book and checked it out from the library. As I continue reading this book, I’m very excited to find out why was Griet so inspirational to Vermeer and why he was attracted to her. I’m eager to fine out.

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