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What I think Art is…

Hi! This is my first blog post and I’m really excited to share my interest in art with you guys!

However, when I say art, I don’t mean surrealism, perspective drawing, self-portrait, or anything like that. If you thought my blog was about one of those things listed above or anything related to those….WRONG BLOG!!

When I say art, I mean doodling random things and just doing whatever I feel like to do. For example, when I see a scrap of color papers or an unused ribbons, I would collect them and save them to decorate my diary or something.

I would also like to say that Art is not limited. I believe that art is all about creativity and originality. Using different materials to decorate anything is also a piece of art. It is something that you create. There is no right or wrong answer in art. For example look at these drawing:

They are all different drawings. Some are more professional than the other. However, does that mean the other “unprofessional” drawings are wrong? Well, No. They all look like a giraffe to me. Even though the two top drawings are more accurate, by looking at all the pictures, I can definitely tell that they are all drawings of a giraffe.

So, what’s my point? My point is that every person has a different kind of view of things and has a  different art styles. Just because the drawing looks different than what you expect doesn’t mean that the picture is wrong. It just means that that’s how they view the object. So, don’t get discouraged by the outcome of your drawing! It means that you have your own unique style of drawing!

『   Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.   -Leo Tolstoy-             』