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Weekly Planner

Hi! I would like to show you how to make a weekly planner!

You can use it as a white board too! It is simple and easy to make. I hope you like it! : )



– paper                               -pencil/eraser

-construction paper        -self-adhesive laminating sheet

-marker                             -scissor

-colored pencils               -glue stick

*These are just the list of things I used! Remember that you are not limited to these materials!

1. Make a border around the paper using the construction paper.

2. Also make the columns using the construction paper. I only made 6 columns because I wanted only from Monday to Saturday, but it is up to you to decide how many columns you want to make.

3. Write the days of the week and draw any pictures you want!

I drew a girl in each column doing different activities everyday. Also, I drew a character that I created on the last column!

4. Color your drawings with markers, colored pencils, etc. Outlining your drawing with a pen first always helps!

5. Laminate your drawing and you are done!

*I know you can’t tell if I laminated my planner in this picture…but I did!

6. Now you can write your homework, event, schedule, and etc with a dry-erase marker!

Start organizing your week and let’s get things done!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you liked it!

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Making Bookmarks

Hi! I have finally finished making my bookmarks! I would like to show/teach you guys how I made them!

Start!♥ ->

What we need:

1. Paper

2. self-adhesive laminating sheet

3. Pencils/eraser

4. Colored pencils

5. Markers

*These are just the list of things I used! Remember that you are not limited to these materials!

First, you sketch your bookmark on a paper. I drew a girl and a boy. It is easier to draw if you start with a pencil instead of a pen. You can always fix any mistakes and erase away messy marks if you start with a pencil.

I colored my sketches with markers and colored pencils. I find it very helpful if you outline the drawing with a marker or a black pen before you start coloring it in. They look more neat and it looks better to have an outline than a thin pencil mark. Also, try to add different shades of color while coloring your drawing with the colored pencils. For example, for the boy’s shirt, I added different shades of purple to create the shades. In order to add different shades, you just need to control your pressure on the colored pencil. If you press it harder, the color gets darker. If you put very little pressure on the pencil, the color will be lighter. Use this method to color in the skin color, hair, clothes, eyes, and etc.

Cut out your drawing with a scissor. Your drawing will look better if you cut it along the picture, instead of just cutting out a big circle around it. Stay close with your picture!

Put your picture on the laminating sheet. Wait for 10-15 seconds to let the laminating sheet stick together completely.

*Make sure there are no big bubbles inside the laminating sheet!

Cut your picture with the scissor again. Make sure to cut along the picture like last time! Your bookmark does look better if you cut along your drawing!

Your bookmarks are done! Making bookmarks are easy and quick! Thanks for reading!

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What I use

What happened to me today…

I was going to write a post about how I make my bookmark, but when I looked at the time, it was already 11’o clock pm.

I figured I needed at least an hour to finish my bookmark. Also, I had to do my homework and study for math test. (Ew, math)

So here it is…instead of writing about making book marks, I wrote about what I usually use for doodling.

1. Mechanical pencils

-Many people use pencils to draw, but personally, I prefer mechanical pencil. The reasons are: 1. mechanical pencils never gets dull. This is very important to me, because I don’t like my drawings to get thick. 2. Mechanical pencils are easier to control. I don’t know if this applies to everyone of you, but to me, mechanical pencils feel lighter and more softer. They can always provide sharp, clean edges. 3. They are prettier. Yes, this is not a great reason why mechanical pencils are better than pencils, but it is true. There are so many varieties in mechanical pencils!

2. Sketch pads

I don’t use professional sketch pads to draw my pictures. I use any kind of medium sized ones, which usually costs me about $2-3. I usually buy them by the design on the front. If it is a normal boring yellow one, it makes me not want to draw anymore.

3. Eraser

Erasers might not be that important to you, but to me, the type of eraser that I use is crucial. I always use the pencil mechanical erasers. They are easier to control and they are more accurate when you use them. You can tell where the eraser will erase. If you have the big erasers, they sometimes erase the wrong place or makes your drawing dirty by smudging the pencil marks.

What I think Art is…

Hi! This is my first blog post and I’m really excited to share my interest in art with you guys!

However, when I say art, I don’t mean surrealism, perspective drawing, self-portrait, or anything like that. If you thought my blog was about one of those things listed above or anything related to those….WRONG BLOG!!

When I say art, I mean doodling random things and just doing whatever I feel like to do. For example, when I see a scrap of color papers or an unused ribbons, I would collect them and save them to decorate my diary or something.

I would also like to say that Art is not limited. I believe that art is all about creativity and originality. Using different materials to decorate anything is also a piece of art. It is something that you create. There is no right or wrong answer in art. For example look at these drawing:

They are all different drawings. Some are more professional than the other. However, does that mean the other “unprofessional” drawings are wrong? Well, No. They all look like a giraffe to me. Even though the two top drawings are more accurate, by looking at all the pictures, I can definitely tell that they are all drawings of a giraffe.

So, what’s my point? My point is that every person has a different kind of view of things and has a  different art styles. Just because the drawing looks different than what you expect doesn’t mean that the picture is wrong. It just means that that’s how they view the object. So, don’t get discouraged by the outcome of your drawing! It means that you have your own unique style of drawing!

『   Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.   -Leo Tolstoy-             』