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Ever since I was 8 years old, I liked to collect snow globes. I liked the way they sparkled and all the little figures inside it. Eventually, when ever I visited some place new, I would get a snow globe that when I see it, I would be able to remember the good times I had at that place. Currently, I have about 35 snow globes at my house. Whenever I look at them, it makes me smile because I can look back into my memory and laugh at those funny memories.

I think having a collection of any kind of thing is very useful and neat. First of all, when your collection becomes bigger and bigger, you feel satisfies at how much you have collected over time. Also, if you have a collection, it always brings back good memories when you think, ‘oh, how did I get this one?’. Each object has a unique story behind it of how it came into your hands. Last but not least, if you collect specific objects, it is easier to concentrate on one material, rather than going around trying to think what to buy when you visit a place. For example, before I started collecting my snow globes, I would always wonder around what I can get that is meaningful. However, now that I have a specific item that I always look for, I take less time, and less amount of walking around, trying to think what to buy.

Having a collection helps oneself to gather and keep good memories from different places. So, why not starting your own collection right now?