How Games Steer Us Through Life

Original article:

It seems that the number of younger kids, who are exposed to games (such as Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, and Fruit Ninja), is increasing each year. Virginia Heffernan -who wrote about how games steer our lives- states that games help to calm and release stress from the world. “Games…give a break from the feeling that you’re too dumb or too smart for this world”. However, I disagree. As a high schooler, I realized that I am consistently exposed to electronics: computer, ipod, cellphone. Sure, these can help me release stress and become my escape route from the reality, but what about other things that make up my life? These days, I have a yearn to go back in time when I had a leisure to walk in the park, to chat with my friends on a bicycle, to lay on the fresh green lawn and enjoy the breeze, and to have a long nice talk with my family on a picnic. It’s too early for children to rely on games to release their anxiety; they should roam outside and explore the world that is much bigger than the screen size of iPad.

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