Elements of art (line and color)

This was a video that me and my partner made for our art final. Our art teacher required us to make a video about elements of art. We picked line and color. As you can see, we were required to put famous artists’ artworks about the elements and show real life examples. However, we focused more on creativity and using variety of art materials. We used different types of materials such as, pencil, paint, water gun, and more. We had a hard time trying to fit all of our art demonstrations in two minutes. We had to fast forward every video that we took and cut parts of the video. We were able to find a song that goes very well with the video, which is The Big Bang by DJ Rush. We were able to upload the video on youtube because the song is from creativecommons. Our favorite art demonstration was pouring paint on the white shoes. After dropping paint, you can’t tell where the shoes are, since the shoes blend in with the white background. However, it looked so cool after we lifted up the shoes and put them next to the paint. Also, spraying paint with the water guns were fun too, but it took us time to finish it. We had to pour the color into the container and we had to be very careful not to spill them. Another problem was that the paint ran out quickly. Other than those, it was a good experience. We had fun filming and making this project and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

One response to “Elements of art (line and color)

  1. I can’t believe that you posted our project on your blog!!HAHAHA><

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